Custom Services

Custom Services

Brow                                               $25 and up

Lip                                                   $20 and up

Chin                                                $20 and up

Cheek                                             $30 and up

Chest                                              $125 and up

Side-Burns                                     $25 and up

Full Face                                        $95 and up

Under Arms                                  $35 and up

Bikini Line                                     $45 and up

Extended Bikini                            $65 and up

Brazilian                                        $85 and up

Forearms                                      $45 and up

Full Arms                                      $65 and up

Full Leg Wax                                $95 and up

Half Leg Wax                                $75 and up

Back                                               $125 and up

Shoulders                                      $75 and up

Eye Lash Tint                                $35

Eyebrow Tint                                $25

Complimentary consultation

Full Makeup Application                             $125

Eye Makeup Application                             $50

Airbrush Makeup                                         $125

Eyelash Application                                     $15 and up

Bridal Makeup                                              $150.00

Services length and pricing are subject to change without notice based on several industry factors. Please call Spa at the Waterway for the most updated pricing and service details. 
For your convenience, a 20% charge will be added to the original cost of each treatment you receive. The service charge will be distributed to the staff that assisted you during your visit. Additional gratuities may be provided at your discretion.