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Rest your mind & pamper your body

50/80/100 minutes $125/$170/$205
This Swedish massage is designed to relax and soothe tight muscles
while leaving your skin totally hydrated with our Organic Body


This therapeutic massage combines deep tissue for your back to help ease away the stress of the day.  Combined with a relaxing Swedish massage on the legs and arms, this service is the perfect massage for you!

50/80 minutes $145/$180
The combination of deep tissue and stretching will aid in mobility
and flexibility. This massage helps relieve muscular tension. This is
recommended for those weekend warriors.

30/50 minutes $75/$120
Specially trained massage therapists will perform a relaxing
Prenatal massage. This uniquely designed treatment protects both
you and your baby using strategically placed cushions throughout
the massage. Massage is not allowed during the first trimester of

80 Minutes $180

This unique massage incorporates the warmth from heated bamboo to ease away your deepest tension without added pressure.

80 minutes $180

This massage is a Swedish massage using warm stones.  The warmth from the stones help to ease tension and increase blood flow, leaving you totally relaxed and stress free.  This massage may not be suitable for people with certain medical conditions.

80 Minutes $180

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic treatment using light pressure.  This massage increases the flow of lymph and reduces toxins in the body using long, gentle, rhythmic strokes.  Detox your body today!


To further customize your massage experience, try any of our massage enhancements.  The total service time with add-ons cannot exceed 100 minutes.

Scalp massage 10 minutes $20
Foot massage 10 minutes $20
Body dry brush 10 minutes $25

Cupping (may add to any 50/80/100 minute massage) $40

Complimentary aromatherapy will be used in our services.

**Total service time can not exceed 100 minutes

Most of our massages can be in Our Couples Room to share the
experience with that Special Someone.

50 minutes $150

Cupping massage treatment helps resolve chronic muscle tightness facilitates increased circulation, encourages the tissue to release toxins.

Build Your Own Massage $220

100 Minutes

This massage gives you options in customizing your experience.

Choose 3 of the following 5 modalities:

Swedish, deep tissue, warm stones, foot & scalp massage, sugar body scrub.

Complimentary aromatherapy will be used in our massages.
**** Treatment not to exceed over 100 minutes, including add-ons.